Saturday, October 24, 2009

Warwick Castle

We were also able to visit Warwick Castle. What a huge place!

The figures are so lifelike!
  • I cannot imagine living in a place like this. There are so many rooms!

    Each room showed how people lived, and what the room was used for.
    Look at all those weapons!

    Look at that soldier!

    Here is Roger and Ruth who made this visit possible for us.

    After touring the inside, we climbed hundreds of stairs to the top of the tower.
    The view was worth the climb!

    What goes up, must come down! After such a workout, we were all tired.

    Roger and Ruth also treated us to a wonderful medieval lunch which included Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

    We also saw one of the largest catapults in action. You cannot see him, but a guy is running like a hamster in that great big wheel to get the thing going.

    Then we walked among the peacocks. They are gorgeous!

    And of course, they had extensive gardens. What a day!

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