Saturday, October 24, 2009


The team was able to take a day trip to London to do some sight-seeing. We took the Metro on our hour journey to London.

This funny bird walked among the people in the train station as though it was one of them.

The first thing we did was visit a grave yard where several famous people are buried such as John Bunyon and John Wesley.

Will is just a little excited :).

Across the street John Wesley’s church still stands. Unfortunately, the church is not as biblically based as it once was.

These guys love church history.

Will had me stand next to Susan Wesley’s grave. Do you see how many children she had?!?!

Next, Will eagerly points out the Westminster chapel where Martin Lloyd Jones used to preach.

The theology in this church has also shifted a bit, but not quite as much as Wesley’s church.

They don’t make churches like this any more.

The men all had to have their picture taken in the pulpit. Will loves this!

They also had to get pictures taken with Martin Lloyd Jones’ robe and Bible.

We walked through a park which reminded me of Central Park in NY. Look at those trees!

We stopped to eat our packed lunches. Here are our excellent tour guides, Dan and Angela.

We then had to make it over to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen. Well, at least her flag. If the flag is raised that means she is home.

The changing of the guard was canceled for that day, so we headed back towards town.

The grounds were beautiful.

All four of us! :)

It was fun to walk about the city.

I wonder if they sell Mary Kay.

I had to stop to make a phone call ;)

We found Asland...

...although, he needed to brush his teeth.

Getting down took a lot more effort than getting up at seven months pregnant. Not sure that was the wisest thing to do.

Of course…the tower bridge… Will likes to show Liam off.

We then had a wonderful Italian meal with a great view.

As the English say, "It was a lovely meal".
After a long day, the team met up again to head back to the Midlands.

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