Monday, October 31, 2011


Ivan has started to laugh now especially when getting some face time.

Liam loves his little brother and comes to his rescue when Ivan starts to cry.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

July - October overview

It has been a while, so I will try to give a brief overview of the last couple of months.

We finally left the hospital, and I was very glad to get home.
Ivan and his Papa and Nana got some "getting to know you" time in; I was so thankful for their help.

I love my Moby. It gives a hands-free security, the comfy and close way to carry Ivan.
Even Daddy can carry him in it!
Ivan at one month.
While William's parents were in town, we were able to visit Crater Lake. A beautiful place!
In August Liam turned two.
He got Noah's Ark from Nana and Papa

And an assortment of animals from Grandpa and Grandma through the mail.

Ivan has a great smile!
Ivan's two month pictures.

Ivan in Papa's hands.
Thanks to Aunt Heather and Uncle Jason for the boys' matching overalls. They are just like the ones their great-grandfather wears.

Both boys are done with the photo-shoot.
Liam loves to "hold" Ivan his "brother."

And Mommy loves to hold her boys.
Father and son taking a nap.
Liam in his baseball hat.

William's mom helped him get all of his paperwork organized. William and I are both thrilled.
Liam saying his "goodbyes" after a great visit.

Liam also moved up to his new bed. He was very excited.

Liam likes watching the bread machine kneed the dough.
Liam can now drink out of a cup.
And he can feed himself! Yay!

Liam and Ivan taking a bath.
Morning breakfast with the boys. They love their oatmeal.
I love catching Ivan smile.

In October, William's sister Lisa got married. Liam had his own seat on the plane for the first time and Ivan flew for the first time. It was quite a trip.

Lisa getting ready for her wedding. She has gorgeous hair.
Ivan waiting while everyone gets ready.
Liam was not too thrilled to be sitting quietly.
William was so happy to be able to have a front row view of his sister's wedding.
Ivan and Liam hanging out with their Uncle Joe.

Ivan at the Wedding.
Ivan hanging out with Great Uncle Paul
Grandma and Grandpa got to meet Ivan and spend a little time with Liam.
Liam loves his phone from Grandma.
Ivan's three month pictures.

Liam's first tractor ride.

Ivan is finally ready for the bouncer.

Liam loves hanging out with his little brother and is quite attentive to his needs.