Saturday, October 24, 2009


On an early afternoon, Will and I started on our STM England trip. It was the beginning of a very busy summer.

Throughout our stay in England, we were transported in a 15 passenger van. Most of the girls rode in the front row because it was a whole lot more bumpy in the back.

The Perrys were very gracious to host us for two weeks. We grew to love them as they put up with our American ways.

Our hosts kindly fed us for most of our meals.

Meetings at the Manse (parsonage) were always fun as we shared our ministry experiences.

The McConnells were very gracious to host us on several occasions.

This is Rachel at a picnic the Rugby Church gave us.

This is Kate.

This is Katie (STM friend).

Will is playing a game of Rounders (a British form of baseball) at the picnic. You can see that the "bat" is much shorter than what we are used to.

You could often see the men joined in prayer.

We are shopping for English chocolate with the Alberts.

Norm and Norma treated us all to a very fine dinner. This room was once a stable for horses, but look at it now!

The STM ladies admiring some English gardens.

That is a river boat. Some people actually live in those for a house!

This is one of many Rape Seed fields. Arn't they beautiful?

There is a thatched roof building! Notice that I am taking the picture from the left (passenger) side.

This is my very favorite English sign :)

Will is diligently working on his thesis.

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