Saturday, October 24, 2009


The reason for this trip was to preach in churches across the Midlands. There are several churches that will be without a pastor within the next few years.

Because so few English men are going into the ministry, the goal of this trip was to introduce TMS students who are trained to accurately preach expositionally through the Bible. This way, in the years to come, men from TMS may be able to minister in English churches and, in time, also disciple English men to do the same.

Will’s love for books shows as he visits with one of the pastors.

Will had the opportunity to preach and teach around seven times during our two week stay. Will is preaching here in the open air…right in the middle of town!

Here are some onlookers. It takes a very loud voice to preach in such a big area without a microphone.

The ladies helped with the children’s Bible Club.

The team also had the opportunity to accompany Peter as he told a Bible story to a public elementary school. What a great opportunity!

During the week we were able to attend a small group Bible study. This is where Liam made himself known by kicking my sciatica nerve for the first time. I nearly jumped out of my seat during this official theological discussion.

We were also able to visit with some of the people from the church. We always had tea and biscuits (cookies really).

Where’s Waldo?

We had a blast with the Motiv8 youth group in Rugby. We played many games in the park, before heading in for teaching.

This is a very English game of tossing the boot backwards to see who can throw it the farthest. I believe Jon Krick won. Must be his football skills kicking in.

We do share some traditional games.

The youth had plenty of fun making Will the target with wet sponges.

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