Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Six and a half to seven months!

I am behind on my blogging, but I will try and catch up as much as possible!
In the beginning of March, William, Liam and I had the chance to go to the Shepherd's Conference down in Southern California. William had a wonderful time getting together with some of the men he had served with for three years.

He loves his two fingers!
We stayed with our beloved host and hostess, the Bates, who were apart of our Bible study.

Liam enjoyed being held by John.
We also got a chance to hang out with our dear friends, the Treshams!

Liam is getting good at being on his tummy!
The Mehringers joined us for lunch, and Liam had fun with "uncle" Matt. :-)

We were also able to visit with the Feldis.

And of course our trip would not be complete without visiting with the Dandurands! Kim looks great after having her second set of twins. Four children under the age of Three!

Liam has now grown out of his bassinet!

Bouncing time!
Liam teething on a carrot :-)
Liam had his first conversation with a peer. They pretty much stuck to squealing.

Teething on celery.

Daddy time!
Liam had fun looking out of the window. It was really hard to catch a side profile shot of him, because he was as interested in the camera as the outdoors.
Liam tried some banana. I love that tongue!

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