Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Five and a Half Months to Six and a Half Months!

My brother and his fiance Heather came to visit us for a day.
Liam was so pleased to meet his Uncle Jason.
William and I built our first fire. If we knew how much we enjoyed them, we would have started earlier!

Tim, Lydia and their son Daniel came to visit us. Rob and Christine had us all over for lunch.
The dads were sporting their diaper bags.
While the moms sported our sons. :)

We went downtown for yummy sodas.

Tim and Lydia had their first Dutch Brothers' drink.
Tim and Lydia gave us their team shirts. They are planning on going to Albania to be church planters. We had so much fun having them here.
Liam has a halo of curls...
Another photo shoot... He is so much fun!
He has started to say "mama" now which is so sweet to hear.
You can tell that he really wants to say something.
Liam loves his fingers.
Here Liam is trying to fit his whole fist into his mouth.
Here Liam is trying to sit up with very little support.
Haha, Liam did not like his sweet potato experience.
Liam got all tuckered out from bouncing in his swing.
Our good friend Bre had a birthday party where we all came as characters of a medieval plot and murder mystery. We all had a part to play. I had never done anything like this before, but it was great fun.
William was Wyatt worker who was a serf who was in love with Maiden Victoria (me) who was above him in class. His goal was to get permission from the King to marry me.
Even the meal fit into the time period.
Some of the men posed for the picture.
The girls were a little less serious.
The birthday girl.
Our host and hostess.
On February 28th, Liam was dedicated along with a couple other babies.

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