Sunday, January 3, 2010

Youth All-nighter Lock-In!

Last Wednesday, we had our first youth big event. Thirty-six junior/senior high kids came to our all-nighter lock-in. All night was full of fun games, Christian comedy, fellowship and food. We were thankful for the help of some college aged men and women who took the time out to help make the fun safe and organized.
This is a crawling kick-ball type of game.

We had a game of charades...
...and extreme spoons.

This is some kind of rope game...

After staying up all night for the first time in his life, William faithfully studied the Word, before...
...crashing for twenty-one hours of catch-up sleep.
In the meantime, Liam and I worked on putting our Christmas decorations away.
Liam was great company.

Liam and I listened to what Christmas is really all about from our Charlie Brown Christmas tree ornament for the last time (from Luke 2)
One of the families in our church gave us this bouncer/swing. Here Liam is trying it out for the first time.

I think he likes it!
Last night William took me out for Japanese food. It was yummy!
Liam got to go too! (of course :))

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