Saturday, January 2, 2010

Costello Christmas 2009!

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, and this year we were so thankful to celebrate it with our son Liam.
We were able to get a large tree for half the price of a smaller Californian Christmas tree. Yeah!
The finished product! Thanks mom for donating most of our ornaments over the years!
The tree at night. :)
I made a few efforts at decorating our home.
Liam's first stocking.

I was so excited to think of something creative to do with the extra branches from our tree!

William was able to help lead the singing for our Christmas service.
He loved it, and he sounded great too!
Pastor Bob and his wife Becky had William and Jon over for Christmas Eve dinner. I had a head cold, so Liam and I stayed home.
What a wonderful time they had!
Liam saw his cousin for the first time...
He tried to say hello.
Here, Liam is listening to Grandpa talk on the phone.
Liam loves the antlers he got from the Christmas festival.
Liam is taking his Christmas day portraits.
He was a good sport.

Hanging out with his gingerbread man. :)
He looked so cute in his Christmas PJs.
What a jolly little man!
Toy playing is a must on Christmas.


Liam loves his thumb. :)
Liam loves to play with his antlers. They have little bells on them, so it works a little like a rattle.
Wearing them is not as much fun... handling them.

Gifts from Uncle Jason.
Christmas hug.
Becky also put on a lovely Holiday Tea for some of the young ladies. She did a fabulous job!
She had a beautiful Christmas tree decorated in gold and red.
While we were there, it started snowing huge snowflakes!
It was beautiful!
Lindsay by the picturest!
When we got home, it was a winter wonderland.

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