Monday, December 28, 2009

Three to Four Months

Yeah! After much searching, God provided us with a treadmill.
However, it did leave it's mark in a few places...

At the crack of 6:30am every Thursday morning, these men come to our home to study the scriptures with William. I am still sleeping :)
Here we are having lunch with our good friends Dan and Niece.
Nap time...
Lots of daddy time!
This is the first time Liam was able to stand on his weight.
I think he likes it!
Liam loves his daddy.

One big happy family!

Liam has so much fun with his mirror.
Hair up!
Hair down!
Liam loves this ball that Pastor Bob gave him.
Liam is now old enough to enjoy his gym.
So cute!!
This is the life...
Liam found his thumb!

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