Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grandpa & Grandma visit Oregan!

We had a really nice visit with William's dad and mom.
Liam was delighted to have their undivided attention.
Grandma taught him to hit the heart.
Grandma time.

Grandpa time.

Grandpa's quiet time.
Meal time!
Liam's portion...just kidding!
Looking sporty.

Bear time.
Pastor Bob and his beautiful wife Becky joined us for dinner...
...and a game of nertz. Here is our champion!

We then take a trip to the Oregon coast, however, we have to drive through some of California to get there...strange.
The three amigos.
By the time we got to the was a dark and stormy night!
But, we still had fun. :)Here is Austin!

Here is Dustin!
William, me and Liam (the little bean pod in the middle).
It was a little cold......and bit surreal.
This picture was meant to be a test...but I love it!
The sun was not cooperating with our Christmas picture shot...oh well.
We then had a nice dinner at the Bonner's home. It was a great time.
Liam is busting out of his shirt :) William took the rounds with the camera capturing memories :)
It was so nice to have a walking partner in the mornings. It was sad to see them leave. :(

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