Saturday, August 20, 2011


So, here I am at the hospital waiting for William's parents and Ivan to arrive.

Look at those lips!!
It was so nice that William's parents and Liam got to witness Ivan's arrival into this world.

I have come to find out that this is a common Ivan expression. He loves to yawn.

Dr. Medley was great!
Ivan had a good group from our church to come welcome him.

Liam was happy to see that Ivan is a baby and not mommy's tummy.
Liam is a good kisser.
What a cutie!

Laugh out loud. Ivan had enough of taking pictures. He has a good vibrato to his cry. Maybe he will be a singer.

Poor Ivan, I did not like seeing him under the lights. He had to be under there for at least 24 hours.
Taking a break with daddy.
Yay! Finally coming home.

Time with Papa.
Liam helping his papa and daddy build some furniture from Ikea.

Our good friends the Callaway's came to visit on their way to family camp.
Auntie Kim!
Liam enjoyed the visit from Sadie Jane.

Liam loves his little brother.
Ivan hanging out in his swing.
I love his expressions. I am amazed at how alert Ivan is. He seems very aware of what is going on around him.

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