Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eleven Months to One Year!

Liam's second camping trip. He has gone camping almost as much as we have!
Although, this was his first time staying in a tent.
I don't think he felt any of the rocks that were on the ground.
We had a good turnout, and the youth had a great time.
Liam enjoyed playing with the rocks.
...and has officially eaten dirt like a good boy.
He also got to taste sand...his baby-hood is now complete.
After much pressure from the youth, William conquered fear and jumped off the cliff.
Liam now loves to stand
He loves to help with the dishes
On hot days, Liam loves a refreshing treat.
Liam's first birthday party!
He thoroughly enjoyed his birthday "cake".
"Uncle" Aaron giving him even more sugar.
Birthday gifts are so much fun.
Liam loves his birthday gift from grandpa and grandma.

We got to visit our dear friends the Callaways for Andrew's 30th birthday. We had a wonderful time.
Liam got to meet Sadie Jane and was very enamored by her.
While in Redding, CA, we got to enjoy eating at the much missed In-N-Out.
Liam had his very first french fry. He liked it very much.
The Callaways took us to see the Sundial Bridge. It was a very nice place.

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