Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seven to eight months!

Liam meets his grandparents!

Grandma time.
Lunch at Taprock.

Grandpa time.

Snow in late March??

Fun time with the Robisons.

Game time!
Old fashioned sodas!
Dutch Brothers!!

Creepy waterfall.

Wooden Bicycle.
Male bonding time.
Visiting Jason in Tacoma.

Breakfast with the family.

Game time.
A picture is worth a thousand words!

Morning picture time!
Stopping in Portland for a bite to eat.
Flirting, step one.

Kissing, step two.
Jason's pad at Ian's house.
Liam getting to know aunt Heather.

Looking at wedding invitations.
More of the photo shoot.

Having fun with grandma.
Touring Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.

The Space Needle...
Liam gets excited.

Sisters to be.
The ride up.
Great view.
At the top.
Baby kisses.

Fine dining...thanks dad!
Ships for dinner?

My coffee with hazelnut oil and spirimint.

Outside on deck. It was so windy!
Liam loved it!
Warm again.
Saying goodbye.

Back home.

Liam's first tooth!

Finally sleeping on his own!

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