Saturday, February 20, 2010

Five months to Five and a Half Months!

On Labor Day, some of our high school girls came over for a game of Nertz!

Liam was a great help. :)
Liam loves his daddy!
Here is his cool baseball outfit.
We have worked on tummy time quite a bit this month. Liam does not hate it anymore. Yay!
Liam loves to play with his fun toy that Aunt Rebecca gave to him.
Liam got a lot stronger this month.

What a big boy!
Liam loves to dance with his daddy!
Here is our only successful catch. All of the others got away. This rat is still alive and tried to get away with trap and all.
Their tails are so gross!

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  1. ha ha... what a funny way to end such a wonderful collection of cute pictures of liam. He sure is big now... such a cutie! :) Hope your family is doing good.
    -Sandi Luciano